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Foot Races

Get ready to put your shoes to the test! Whether you like to just hike and walk a 5K along a beautiful West Texas mountain trail or run it to win it... Our foot races are for all ages and stages. Come and run (or ruck!) the Half Marathon through hills and ranches or start on the banks of the pristine Devils River in the Marathon. Whatever event you choose get ready for the sights and sounds of the rugged old mountains of West Texas and the clean, fresh air to go with them!


This rugged trail destination race down Dolan Creek Road begins at the Devils River and ends at McKenna Ranch.

A TPWD Devils River State Natural Area map may be accessed here

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Course Description

The Devil’s River Run for Hope is a spectacular point to point race through the remote Devil’s River State Natural Area. The race start is at the River and quickly climbs from1350 to 1441 in less than 0.3 miles. The climb is rocky and steep and at the top you are rewarded with a beautiful view of West Texas with cactus, flowers, and beautiful canyons. Over the next 8 miles you will run through rolling hills and low water washes alive with sycamore trees. Keep an eye out for wildlife such as fox, birds, armadillo, deer, etc.
From 8 miles to 20.4 you will continue to climb gradually through the desert to the high point at 2060. From there it is mostly downhill for the next 5 miles with a right turn at McKenna Ranch with a mostly flat last mile into a canopy lined bird sanctuary for the last 200 meters. Family, friends, goats, and horses will be there to greet you at the finish.
Please be aware that there is no cell phone service on the course. The remoteness of this area is part of what makes it so very special. You will be one of only 70 participants in this event because of the need to minimize the impact on the river and the land. It’s our hope that you will understand how special this wonder of nature is once you visit and run through the awesome landscape that is the Devil’s River State Natural Area.


Bicycle Races

Bring your wheels and get ready for an amazing ride! The gravel endurance race takes you right to the banks of the Devils River or you may choose from one of the two mountain bike races depending on your ability and spirit of adventure!

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